Cody Owens, CMT

Cody Owens, CMT – CAMTC #74578

3 words to describe your bodywork?
Be like water.

What makes you a great massage therapist?
I believe that everyone’s body can communicate to a compassionate therapist’s hands, and I cannot stress enough the importance of listening to the body and translating that message into treatment.

What type of bodywork do you like receive?
I enjoy an all over treatment, with a focus on continuing movements and tracing the muscles of my body individually to see what needs to be treated and where.

What do you do when you are not at the studio?
I can always be seen playing in my front yard with my incredible dog/son Gus and can be found practicing and writing music at any given moment. I love to read and really enjoy writing in many differing forms, and to relax I love to go for long rides on my bicycle. At nights I love exploring my midtown neighborhood with my partner and/or friends, seeing the bars and other great sights this beautiful city has to offer.

Mountains, ocean, or desert?
I love them all and would visit each spot or a mixture of them at any given opportunity.

Do you have animals?
I have a doggo who is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me named Gus! He is as full of joy as he is a source of joy for all of those around him!

Favorite Treat?
I can be tempted with a … Twinkie … I know, I know!!! Shame!!

Favorite quote:
“Love looks with the heart not with the eyes, and hence is winged Cupid painted blind.”
– William Shakespeare